product warranty & care


Van Urban Timber - Warranty & Care


It is our expectation and hope that your Van Urban Timber wood product(s) will last for generations. With that intention, we take careful measure in the the whole spectrum of processing, from milling & drying, to fabrication and finishing. Large trees, when slabbed, or cut to their max widths, incorporate all the natural elements of that respective tree, it is common to see: cracks, bark inclusions, knots, worm holes, etc. When integrating slabs or wide cuts into furniture, such features should be celebrated as organic elements and not defects. Van Urban Timber kiln dries all of their timber products & integrates a slotted hole design in our bases to help mitigate wood movement. Despite our preventive measures and best efforts, wide slabs and boards are still prone to expand and contract with changes in relative humidity, beyond our control.

Warranty Term:

- 12 months from time of final invoice.

Covered Under Warranty:

- Any wood products or materials produced by Van Urban Timber, deemed completely defective or unusable. Should such occur, please kindly email pictures and a description of the claim to Van Urban Timber. Van Urban Timber will either aim to fix the issue on site or back at the Van Urban Timber Premises.

Not Covered Under Warranty:

- Damage caused via misuse or “natural wear & tear”

- Damage caused by prolonged exposure to abnormal heat, humidity, and moisture.

- Shipping damage, if shipped via a 3rd party.

- Damage during installation, if installed by 3rd party.

- Cupping across the grain 1/4” or less.

- Cracking/Checking of 1/4” or less. Should a crack exceed 1/4”, there must also be travel at minimum of 25% that the length of the check/crack exceeding 1/4” in width.

- Resin separation of 1/4” or less. Care and Maintenance:

- Always use coasters for hot items.

- Clean with a soft cloth and warm water, avoid chemical cleaning agents.

- If possible try not to expose items to prolonged amounts of time in the sun to avoid fading in tone & color.

- Keep humidity even to minimize and mitigate wood movement. The ideal range for relative humidity is: 35% - 45%.