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Since 2011

A collaborative 2-day event open to the public with local builders, using local wood, building live on location at Van Urban Timber with final projects being donated to the Squamish community.

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DFir Timbers

Douglas Fir

WRC Decking Stack

Western Red Cedar





Urban Salvaged Maple Log

Urban Salvage


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Custom Cutting on WM1000

Custom Cutting

Kitoki Inn - Custom Table & Bench

Finishing & Fabrication

Our Process

Starting in the forest, VUT works closely with our logging partners, "Lizzie Bay Logging," to harvest fibre that supports our customers' needs while ensuring no part of the log is wasted. The lumber derived from our logs is offered in a roughsawn state or as a value-added lumber product. We support both the needs of our customers who only require small volumes for residential or commercial projects and those who require large volumes or recurring orders both in Canada and internationally.

Lizzie Bay Logging

Sustainability & Environmental

All lumber produced at VUT starts with our logging operations, where we aim to exceed environmental and forestry sustainability standards. The lumber products we yield from our sawmill operations are sorted and even remanufactured to find "long life" opportunities, meaning our products will remain in their final application or finished state for years or decades to come.

Our Story

In 2010, our founders, Danny Hagge & Eric Savics, began cutting lumber with a chainsaw mill in Eric's grandparents' North Vancouver driveway. By 2013 VUT had secured a small North Vancouver warehouse, where lumber and wood slabs were processed, curated, and sold. A customer base was built slowly but surely, and in 2016 VUT moved to Squamish, BC, where we still operate today. In 2020 VUT partnered with Lizzie Bay Logging and opened a second sawmill in Pemberton, BC.

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